Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello, I'm Arthur Ornelas. You may know me as the co-creator of NintendoLand. Today, I take on a new role. I am now chief politcal advisor, messanger, council, and campaign manager for DATAINTEGRATIONTHOUGHTENTITY presidential candadate, Ryoko Asakura, and her (Reluctant) Vice Presidential Candidate, Kyon.

This was my personal blog for a time, but now I have rededicated it to campaigning for Change...the hard way.

Over then next few weeks, you will all see how Asakura-san came to become a candidate for Presidency, what she will do if elected, and how she is better than the competition (even Nader). Did you know that Ryoko Asakura looks more appealing in a Bunnygirl costume than Sarah Palin (or Joe Biden)?

Be sure to check back every so often for updates on how Asakura-san is campaigning in your state (or closed space)!

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