Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ask Mr. Biggs - Review

(Hey! Sorry for the delay - it's been a hectic few months. The Asakura thing was just a joke I came up with. Back to business as usual - you can also see this post at my WWE Universe page.)

I am one for entertainment (as I'm sure all of you are, strangely enough), so sometimes I get bored (like right now, when I should be finishing a term paper...which can be finished later today). One of the days that I got bored, I decided to scan iTunes's podcast directory for anything worth listening to/watching. I came upon the Ask Mr. Biggs show, whose descrpition stated "Recycling radio show phone calls since 2006," which peaked my interest, as radio show parodies are usually hilarious (although there are sometimes cruddy).

The basic premise of the show is this - using recycled phone calls from other radio shows and emails from willing fans, creator and real-life Radiodork Clay Roe produces a fictional radio show (presumably in the LA area, based on the 661 area code of the show's call number), starring disc jockey Roger, and the titular character, Mr. Biggs.

Biggs is somewhat of a local celebrity, called a "tri-county fixture" and a "local businessman, entrepreneur, and man-about-town." He is the owner/operator of Whizzbang's, a restaurant/nightclub at "Phillips & Mountain, downtown" (in reality, the only cross-section in California with those streets is baren in the middle of Perris, CA, which isn't even in the 661 area code). Whizzbang's ("where the fun never ends, and the party's never-ending") is the main reason that Mr. Biggs has chosen to do the show, for advertisement purposes, though later episodes do not emphasize the restaurant's existence.

During the show, Mr. Biggs takes questions in the form of phone calls and emails, sent to ("biggscast at guh-mail dot com," as Mr. Biggs puts it). Meanwhile, Biggs participates in banter with the less boastful Roger, a friend of Bigggs and bachelor, presumably in his late 30's/early 40's, who lives with a cat in an appartment, and has several nervous ticks (some of which Biggs does not appreciate). The developed relationship between Biggs and Roger (their interactions, per se) serves as a big part of the show's comedic level, as Biggs frequently critizises Roger for his supposed eccentricities (frequently telling Roger to "talk like people"). Other regulars include Armando ("Mando" in later episodes), the show's young, humorous, frank call/email screener, and Chuck, the show's producer and general assistance man.

Biggs is the main source of entertainment, of course. He is an intelligent man, giving practical advice to questions he understants, but he is not as aware as other radio show hosts. In fact, sometimes he's rather daft. He has a bit of short-term memory, frequently shifts blame, and mistakes some of Roger's attempts at humorous banter as either slurs or non-conventional wordplay (pleading him to "talk like people"). Other times, he becomes angry (talking in his angry voice) and frequently tells more inept callers that what they say is stupid. Some of his advice is a little misplaced, or outdated, or simply bizzare. Therein lies the comedy; the audio from the calls is always spot-on with what the pair are saying or advising, and it adds a psuedo-authentic flavor to the fake radio show.

Whenever Whizzbang's is mentioned, there is always something going on, usually on Thursday nights. However, they are just as unconventional as Biggs himself, always based on (and finalized) based on Biggs's somewhat skewed logic. An example is when he decided that the restaurant would start serving Just-As-Good Bottled Tap Water, saying that the price is resonably lower than premium water at other bars, though it's just ice-cold bottled tap water at $2.50 a bottle. He even started looking for distributors. Other events are a little more conventional, like Red-Light, Green-Light Thursday Night, where shots were served during a round of the titular game. Some of the show's drama (see also: mishaps) occur because of an incident or happening at the restaurant, like the invasion of faux-mustache-wearing hooligans or the instertion of a drainage pipe for an All-you-can-dring Build-Your-Own-Cocktail bar.

The audio is top-notch, as well. The show begins with a generic tune which is the show's theme. The ending theme is also haunting, with the generic "Happy Ending" call at the end adding a semi-creepy feel that sets up for the Moment of Zen-like clip at the end. During the show, there are audio transitions with excellent music and old-school audio clips (from instructional audio files and commercials) relevant to the previous topic (or sometime random). Excellent structure and great pacing leave the listener wanting more.

Thanks to all of the above reasons, the show is amazing. Fans of radio shows and non-fans alike will be left laughing by a typical episode. Beware, though - some episodes contain less-than-friendly language (though this is rare), so kids shouldn't listen without parental supervision.

King Cena gives this show 5 excellent Thursday nights...out of 5.


Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello, I'm Arthur Ornelas. You may know me as the co-creator of NintendoLand. Today, I take on a new role. I am now chief politcal advisor, messanger, council, and campaign manager for DATAINTEGRATIONTHOUGHTENTITY presidential candadate, Ryoko Asakura, and her (Reluctant) Vice Presidential Candidate, Kyon.

This was my personal blog for a time, but now I have rededicated it to campaigning for Change...the hard way.

Over then next few weeks, you will all see how Asakura-san came to become a candidate for Presidency, what she will do if elected, and how she is better than the competition (even Nader). Did you know that Ryoko Asakura looks more appealing in a Bunnygirl costume than Sarah Palin (or Joe Biden)?

Be sure to check back every so often for updates on how Asakura-san is campaigning in your state (or closed space)!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soulcalibur IV impressions, Set 10 NOT SUCKING!?, and more

So, I dunno if you've noticed, but I'm a huge Soulcalibur fan.

This last weekend, I finally got to play Soulcalibur IV, the latest in the franchise. And, I have to say, I had a lot of fun. Mostly because I dominated. Everyone. With Sophitia's breasts Sophitia.

The Breasts Character In Question.

...anyway, I got to play a lot, and I really love the game as much as I did before I even got to touch it. First off, there was the graphics. The game looked ab-soul-utly stunning (I see what you did there. - imaginary ed.), and all the character models looked stunning. I also really like how the game is seemingly only presentable in 480p Widescreen, which makes me sqwee. Yes, I am a devote believer in Widescreen supremacy. Fuck 4:3, 16:9 is where it's at. Fullscreen be damned, it's all about the wide.

The controls are pretty much the same as they were before. Of course, as usual, I had to adjust the control scheme to make me a bit more awesome. Yes, this includes a bit of cheating (namely making 2-button inputs on 1 button), but it's mostly to harbor back to my SCII GameCube days. Sorry, sometimes I can be a little bitch about it, but there you are. I still destroy nubs with the regular controls. 

One character I really want to learn is Amy. I played with the Amy in Soulcalibur III and I managed to kick some serious ass with the little French girl. Her Amarylls crouch-dash stance(236, for you Soulcalibur geeks, QCF (Quarter-Circle Forward) to you others) opens up a lot of nice options, much like her similar nameless 236 crouch-dash in Soulcalibur III did (only she can now do it at any time, unlike before when she could only do it out of certain attacks, such as 6BB236, 4a+bG, or 66B236). She has a very heavy poking game, and adds a certain balletic essence to Raphael's Rapier style.

Onward to other business. As I reported earlier, UFS is celebrating its 10th set with the release of two new boosters, Soulcalibur III's Flash of the Blade and SNK's The King of Fighters 2006. I might have also said that the sets might be a bit sub-par... Ok, fine, I said it might suck, but it's been confirmed that the set does not suck. It does, in fact, rock. Especially ::Sophitia:: and her support.


...anyway, I want to run this new version with her Foundation, Maternal Instincts.

Maternal Instincts

3/5 n/a Foundation Chaos/Life Order

E Commit: If this attack deals damage, draw X cards and your Combat Phase ends. X equals your handsize.


Need I say more?

Also, people are silly.

Oh, and anyone who is interested should know that me and Sindel will soon be celebrating our 11-week-aversary on Friday. Woo. ^^

Boobs Soulcalibur IV FTW,


Friday, August 22, 2008

Sindel and I are a Couple

Yes, you can rub your eyes and reread the post title…it’s true. All true.

Sindel and I are a couple. We are boyfriend and girlfriend. She is my girlfriend. I am her boyfriend. She loves me. I love her. We are in love. We really like each other. If I need to explain further, please ask.

We’ve not said anything about this at all, at least on the boards… because…well…actually, it really didn’t occur to us...I mean, we have the RP, I have college woes…and of course, being in love blinds us… but now I’m tired of it being a secret. I don’t want to keep it a secret from the people that for the past 2 years supported us and were our friends.

I suppose some of you might want to know how it happened?

Well, Sindel decided that she’d come on a trip here to Phoenix (or, there, to Phoenix, as it were), because it was summer vacation and she was bored. I had discovered that I had feelings for her after our long period of not-talking (the end of 2007) and the countless phone conversations afterwards. So, I made it my intent to tell her (if I ever worked up the guts). Little did I know that she had also started to develop similar feelings.

When she got here, I knew I actually loved her the second I laid eyes on her. She later told me that she did, too. We hung out the first day, going to the pool and then hanging at my friend Donny’s place (I actually have footy of that somewhere: if I ever find it, I might youtube it for fun). Second day is dedicated to malling and stuff, and we went to go see Get Smart (me being a Steve Carrel fan and she loving anything by Mel Brooks). In the movie theater, we both dropped hints…with little avail (both of us were apparently oblivious to the other…).

The next day takes out little adventure to Castles ‘n Coasters, a little amusement park by the same mall. We have a blast the entire day, and yet again we apparently drop hints like crazy people to little avail. Again. We must really suck at this love thing. :p

Anyway, the faithful day comes on Friday, when I take her out for dinner in the evening to celebrate her birthday (her original intended week of arrival). I give her a gift, we eat and talk, and decide to play Lazer Tag (a mere walk away from the restaurant). We walk around for a bit, and goof off while the next open game is being prepared. Again, hints are dropped to no avail. Then, during the actual game, nothing happened. It was pretty simple.

Anyway, after the game…we went to the parking lot by her car…and we talk. She goads a confession out of me (where I quote JD’s infamous “I’m crazy about you, Elliot” speech from Scrubs, I shit you not). She then tells me that she shares those feelings. We decide to become a couple, consider every day of her trip with the exception of the first as a date, and kiss. ^^

We’ve remained a couple since then. Tommorow/Today (for those on the East Coast) would be our 2-month anniversary.

Anyway, I want to thank Jim for being there for us in everything; really, Jim, you’ve helped a lot. I want to thank all of our friends and such from the Random Threads and GL in general; you’ve all helped keep me and her on the boards so that this could happen. I want to thank Namco and Nintendo, for if they hadn’t put Link into SCII, I might not be here, and neither would she. And I want to thank everyone in general for being awesome! Thank you!

Most of all, though, I want to thank my sweetie, Sindel, for being there for me and supporting me through everything. I love you, baby. Here’s to us. *kisses Sindel*

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy shit, I can post from my desktop?

Ok, so apparently I can now post from my desktop with Microsoft and Blogger's Blogger Buddy Dashboard tool.

I am very scared for my life right now. If I can do that, then what the hell else can I do?

Anyhoo, It's been a while, I know, but I haven't exactly had time to update everyone on anything for the past 2.75 months because of certain aspects of my personal life that shall remain secretive for now. Sorry, but I can't say nothin' till I get the word from the boss. But, whatever. I'm just here to post shit.

UFS fans, rejoice! All of my sources tell me that Set 10 is going to suck bad. Of course. My favorite franchises, Soulcalibur III and The King of Fighters, get the bad set, whereas Street Fighter and Darkstalkers get GOOD sets. Although, no one will deny that Set 6 was a bad set...

Well, I don't care. I love the game and will continue to play it until its death (which I hope is not soon, as I do love the competative scene of the game, especially in Tempe, AZ, where the crazy players play). Really, that's all the person needs, competition.

In other news, my redesigns for Soulcalibur III characters with their Soulcalibur IV hav been such a critical success on the UFS FFG boards that I decided to finally stop looking for p- I mean...fanart...on deviantArt and put up the redesigns there. It's just a matter of time until I get fans all over the world! *maniacal laughter*


I dunno, I like my 'shoping skillz are getting a little better. I might even do that stupid Golden Sun parody Webcomic or something that I've always wanted to do...

....I promise I'll post more. I swear. Don't kill me. Please?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mr. Tadakichi pwns, EA blows

So, I thought I'd do a blog now. Yeah, it's blog fever.

Anyhoo, Sindel and I are having an argument over which is cuter, her dog Sweety or Azumanga Daioh's Mr. Tadakichi. Of course, it's all about Chiyo-chan's Great White Pyrenees, but she just insists that her Sweety is adorable.

Le gag.

Odd delusions aside, I just want to address a growing trend in gaming - buying out the competition. Of course, everyone knows that Electronic Arts, the biggest fat-ass in the industry, is trying ever so hard to eat up Take-Two Interactive. (You'll notice a little rant on the side.)

Of course, everyone knows the reason why EA is doing this. They're scared. It's rather cute, if you think about it. They have nothing (except a few small franchises), so they gobble up the rest of the universe. This is the same company that ate Bioware/Pandemic after KotOR pwned everyone's Xbox back in the day... (ok, maybe that's not the real reason, but it helps.)

If EA succeeds, they'll gain Rockstar, which, as not many people know, developed a little-known gem called Grand Theft Auto IV, alongside Bully and other good franchises. Essentially, they'll take over the world. And if this trend continues, who's to say that companies like EA won't rule the world? I wouldn't be surprised if that. People know that the free market thrives on competitions, but if this trend continues, there may not be any competition left soon.

As if the economy can take another beating.