Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy shit, I can post from my desktop?

Ok, so apparently I can now post from my desktop with Microsoft and Blogger's Blogger Buddy Dashboard tool.

I am very scared for my life right now. If I can do that, then what the hell else can I do?

Anyhoo, It's been a while, I know, but I haven't exactly had time to update everyone on anything for the past 2.75 months because of certain aspects of my personal life that shall remain secretive for now. Sorry, but I can't say nothin' till I get the word from the boss. But, whatever. I'm just here to post shit.

UFS fans, rejoice! All of my sources tell me that Set 10 is going to suck bad. Of course. My favorite franchises, Soulcalibur III and The King of Fighters, get the bad set, whereas Street Fighter and Darkstalkers get GOOD sets. Although, no one will deny that Set 6 was a bad set...

Well, I don't care. I love the game and will continue to play it until its death (which I hope is not soon, as I do love the competative scene of the game, especially in Tempe, AZ, where the crazy players play). Really, that's all the person needs, competition.

In other news, my redesigns for Soulcalibur III characters with their Soulcalibur IV hav been such a critical success on the UFS FFG boards that I decided to finally stop looking for p- I mean...fanart...on deviantArt and put up the redesigns there. It's just a matter of time until I get fans all over the world! *maniacal laughter*


I dunno, I like my 'shoping skillz are getting a little better. I might even do that stupid Golden Sun parody Webcomic or something that I've always wanted to do...

....I promise I'll post more. I swear. Don't kill me. Please?

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